Our Story


Dalal and Mimi Al-Doub are Kuwaiti sisters who are drawn to the idea of holistic

For Mimi and Dalal, beauty is neither singular nor objective. They view it, instead,
as interconnected parts of an ever-expanding whole. In other words, beauty’s
fluidity allows for constant growth and new creative expressions.

Dalal (@dalalid) has been incorporating her awareness of animal exploitation in
food and fashion industries into her business acumen. The more she learns and
grows on a personal level, the more she integrates her knowledge into her
fashion choices and collaborations.

Mimi (@mimialdoub), a businesswoman and a working mother of three, has been
learning about the ways in which fast food and fast fashion damage the
environment, health of their consumers, and the wellbeing of workers who
prepare the fast meals.

Together, both sisters have been focusing on the intersection between healthy
culinary habits and fashion related expressions. As a result of their shared
interests, Dalal and Mimi established the first vegan bakery in Kuwait: VTERRA

Dalal and Mimi consider self-love a chief component of beauty. They believe that
no external item can provide anyone self-esteem, but when people love themselves, they become capable of taking care of themselves. Only then can the
surface level of beauty genuinely reflect one’s inner truth.


TRES BEIGE is their second collaboration. The multi-brand online store idea of
handpicked, vegan, healthy, and unique fashion designs flowed naturally from
their company’s ethos: beauty as a holistic concept.

Because Dalal and Mimi couldn’t easily find clothing that satisfied their values and
styles, they decided to launch a multi-brand online store which ships worldwide.
This way, others can also access distinctive apparel.

All the items in TRES BEIGE are timeless statement pieces that can be worn
forever and on numerous occasions.

While conceiving of TRES BEIGE, Dalal and Mimi decided to invest in the creative
community. They reached out to small, independent foreign and local designers
and managed to secure designs exclusively for a GCC market to help foster,
through fashionwear, unique expressions.


For most people, the color beige is merely a metaphor for what is dull or basic. If
one chooses to look beyond the ‘common’ and the ‘superficial’ metaphor of the
color beige, however, they might discover interesting facts.

For instance, while the color beige has existed throughout human history, the
term ‘beige’ itself originated in a 19th Century French novel. In other words, the
source, or the inner spark of the Kuwaiti sisters’ project, like the term itself, is a
creative one. 

Second, like beauty, beige is never singular. Rather, it is a multi-layered color,
dependent on other shades and gradients to merge cohesively. This balanced
collaboration of colors reflects the way in which the sisters work together.

Finally, beige is everywhere. The British writer Kassia St. Clair describes an
anecdote in The Secret Lives of Colors. St. Clair explains that astronomers from
John Hopkins University determined in 2002 that beige is the average color of the

However, the astronomers were aware of people’s negative perception of the
color beige. To excite the public, therefore, they suggested renaming ‘beige’ into
something trendier, such as ‘cosmic latte.’

Dalal and Mimi love the cosmos, and they adore lattes, but they understand that
beige is more than what it appears to be on the surface, and it does not need to
be renamed to generate excitement.

They settled on emphasizing the color’s potential to be more than common
perception, more than the surface, more than just a color. TRES BEIGE (meaning:
very beige in French) expresses the profusion of creativity, timelessness, and
unique fashion wear.